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Quick Start for Android Developers

posted this on August 10, 2012, 7:49 PM


Note This guide provides a quick summary of the NOOK Developer Start Up Guide.

If you need help submitting an app to the NOOK App Storefront, see the NOOK App Submission Guide.

If you need help getting your NOOK device to recognize ADB, first install Java and Android, and use these commands:

android update adb
adb kill-server
adb start-server
adb devices

If the adb devices command displays the serial number of the device, ADB is able to communicate with the device, and you can install (sideload) your app to the device - In this example 4242424242424242 is the serial number of the NOOK device:

> adb devices
List of devices attached
4242424242424242        device


If the android update adb command displays permission denied:

  • Windows: Restart the command prompt as administrator.
  • Mac and Linux: Use sudo android update adb.

Windows users who can't get adb devices to display the serial number of the NOOK device need to install drivers - see Install Android Drivers (Windows Only) and Get Windows to see the NOOK Device.

Task Checklist

Use the following checklist to set up your programming environment, test your app on the NOOK Emulator, and sideload an app to a NOOK device.

TaskRequired To
Review Software Requirements Get the latest information on general requirements, NOOK device APIs, NOOK device features, and the NOOK emulator requirements.
Install Java Install the Android SDK.
Verify Android SDK requirements Ensure computer can install the Android SDK.
Install the Android SDK Access the emulator and a NOOK device.
Install NOOK SDK Add-on Provide NOOK skins for emulator.
Set the PATH Variable Run Android SDK commands from a Windows Command Prompt or a Mac Terminal.
Install Eclipse and the ADT Plugin Develop NOOK apps and to run HelloWorld app on the NOOK Emulator.
Use the NOOK Emulator Test run an app on the NOOK Emulator.
Create an Android Virtual Device (AVD) Create AVD for the emulator.
Run HelloWorld App on the Emulator Verify Eclipse and that the ADT plugin works.
Install Android Drivers (Windows Only) Enable Android to see NOOK device.
Enable ADB on NOOK HD & NOOK HD+ Enables a NOOK device to communicate with the Android SDK.
Provision NOOK Device (NOOK Color & NOOK Tablet Only) Enables a NOOK device to communicate with the Android SDK.
Add NOOK Device ID for ADB Access Ensures that the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) communicates with the Android SDK.
Use ADB to Access a NOOK Device Communicating with the NOOK device
Install an App on a NOOK Device Sideload an app to the NOOK device
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